What is Piggybacking?

Piggybacking :

  • In bidirectional communication, whenever a data frame is received, the receiver waits and does not send the control frame (acknowledgement) back to the sender immediately.
  • The receiver waits until its network layer passes in the next data packet. The delayed acknowledgement is then attached to this outgoing data frame.
  • This technique of temporarily delaying the acknowledgement so that it can be hooked with next outgoing data frame is known as piggybacking.

Three rules govern the piggybacking data transfer :

  • If station A wants to send both data and an acknowledgment, it keeps both fields there.
  • If station A wants to send just the acknowledgment, then a separate ACK frame is sent.
  • If station A wants to send just the data, then the last acknowledgment field is sent along with the data. Station B simply ignores this duplicate ACK frame upon receiving .

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