What is ALOHA?


Aloha is a multiple access protocol at the data link layer that proposes how multiple terminals access the medium without interference or collision.

Pure ALOHA :

  • In pure ALOHA, the stations transmit frames whenever they have data to send.
  • When two or more stations transmit simultaneously, there is collision and the frames are destroyed.
  • In this,¬†whenever any station transmits a frame, it expects the acknowledgement from the receiver.
  • If acknowledgement is not received within specified time, the station assumes that the frame (or acknowledgement) has been destroyed.
  • If the frame is destroyed because of collision the station waits for a random amount of time and sends it again. This waiting time must be random otherwise same frames will collide again and again

SlottedALOHA :

  • In slotted ALOHA, the time of the shared channel is divided into discrete intervals called slots.
  • The stations can send a frame only at the beginning of the slot and only one frame is sent in each slot.
  • In this, if any station is not able to place the frame onto the channel at the beginning of the slot i.e. it misses the time slot then the station has to wait until the beginning of the next time slot.

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