What are the different layers of TCP/IP model?

TCP/IP Model :

TCP/IP model consists of 4 layers :

  • Host to network layer
  • Network layer
  • Transport layer
  • Application layer
layers in TCP/IP model
Host to Network Layer :

  • TCP/IP model does not define any specific protocols for this layer
  • It supports all the standard and proprietary protocols.
  • It is combination of Physical and DLL in ISO-OSI model.

Internet Layer :

  • It is also called Network Layer and works same as in OSI model.
  • It is called Internet Layer because  the backbone is constituted by Internet Protocol, IP
  • IP is supprted by ICMP, IGMP, ARP and RARP.

Transport Layer :

  • It is supported by TCP and UDP protocol.
  • TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) provides connection oriented reliable delivery.
  • UDP (User Datagram Protocol) provides connection-less protocol and unreliable delivery.

Application Layer : 

  • It provides services of Session, Presentation and Application layer of ISO-OSI model.
  • It supports protocols like SMTP, FTP, HTTP, SNMP, TFTP.

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